How long until I start to feel better?
Following a comprehensive evaluation, patients will be treated on the first office visit.  Dr. Dworkin expects to achieve at least 50% improvement within two office visits hence, patients should start to feel better following the first office visit.

How frequently should I be treated?
Dr. Dworkin individualizes every treatment plan to maximize results in the least amount of time.  Soft tissues need to heal and re-educate themselves properly so the kinetic chain they are a part of can be properly restored.  Therefore, frequency of office visits and duration of care is not a “cookie cutter” approach.  Treatment plans are individualized so patients reach maximum (100 %) function.

What if Dr. Dworkin cannot help me?
Dr. Dworkin works with various physicians in the healthcare industry.  If he cannot successfully help the patient, he will refer them to the appropriate specialist needed.

Can I afford treatment?
Yes. In most cases, you can’t afford not to get treated. If you don’t correct the problem, it can cause you to be less productive, miss work, and maybe even worse. We have many options available to help you with your bill. We have never had a patient who couldn’t afford care!