I just wanted to say how much I appreciate Dr. Michael Dworkin. Once again he came to the rescue and kept me on my bike, pain free. A couple of years ago I had a constant pain in my right knee while riding. Someone recommended Dr. Dworkin so I gave him a call and made an appointment. I must say I was very skeptical. I thought maybe I had some torn cartilage from an old wrestling or football injury. No way was this “alternative” called Active Release Technique going to fix it. After a brief examination he determined it to be adhesions in the joint (I’m not a doctor so I may not have all of this right). He went to work on the joint and I felt a bit better. The pain came back a few days later but after 3 sessions with the Doc I was cured! 2 years later I still don’t have any problems.A few months ago I started commuting by bike to work. I live in Piermont and work in Brooklyn so it’s not exactly around the block (35.5 miles). I use a small back pack made for cycling but it wasn’t too heavy. After doing this a few times I had this sharp pain in my lower back. Now, I take really good care of my back stretching and strengthening it religiously. Nothing I did made the pain go away. Two weeks ago I came home from work and could barely bend over to untie my shoes. I didn’t know what to do so I went to my old standby miracle worker, Dr. Dworkin. After two sessions I’m pain free again! I’ll never doubt him again. Now I have him working on my IT bands since I haven’t been able to run in 10 years.

Mike works with athletes of all type and is a member of Westwood Velo so he understands the need to train and compete. If you have any overuse injuries or any aches and pains you may want to give him a shot.

Shane M
Competitive Cyclist

I was referred to Dr. Dworkin by another chiropractor.  I was informed that Dr. Dworkin understood cycling injuries very well, as he is an accomplished endurance athlete himself.  From the very beginning he intuitively dialed in on my problem and I saw immediate results after his treatment.  Up to that point, I had seen many so-called specialists, and had become doubtful that someone would get to the bottom of my issues.

I would highly recommend Dr. Dworkin to anyone.  Very rarely do you come across a practitioner of his expertise and experience.  Beyond that, his style of personalized treatment is very comforting and unique.  Most practitioners that I have seen will overbook their office with appointments, and as a result, the patient gets quick, rushed care.  Dr. Dworkin doesn’t compromise the patient’s care and gives focused, personalized attention.  I’m lucky to have a professional like Dr. Dworkin on my side.  He’s first class all the way.”

Joe R
Competitive Cyclist
Sports Nutritionist

Dr. Dworkin’s methods of rehabilitation and injury prevention have enabled me perform at the level necessary for my profession. 6 weeks prior to filming my most recent workout video series, I separated my shoulder and could not move it above waist level. I was on a series of muscle relaxers, pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs for days. I still could not move my arm.I made an appointment with Dr. Dworkin and I had FULL MOBILITY BY THE END OF THE SESSION! This was an incredible feat. I was then able to resume my training, with hardly a blip. I completed the series without a hitch. If you have a nagging injury, inflammation or pain that you have not been able to find relief elsewhere, go visit Dr. Dworkin and you be the judge.”

Philip R
Martial Arts Hall of Fame Instructor
6th Degree Black Belt

Dr. Dworkin helped me get to the start and finish of my 1st Boston Marathon. Throughout the entire treatment I was never laid up, my training was not impacted, and I was able to continue training at the high levels necessary to reach my peak.”

Andrew M
2x Ironman Triathlon and
7x Marathon Finisher